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Certified Sales Manager

250 USD

The course covers various areas of sales like sales forecasting, sales organization structure, recruiting & training sales personnel, motivation, budgeting, channel management, and much more.

Code: CSM250
Delivery Method: Online
Category: Sales & Marketing / Sales Manager

Why should I take this course?

As a sales manager, you are responsible for identifying, increasing and managing sales. The course will teach you various areas of sales like sales forecasting, sales organization structure, recruiting and training sales personnel, motivation, compensation, budgeting, channel management, evaluation and control of team and supply chain management.

You will Study & Learn

  • Sales Management
  • Objective & Scope of Selling
  • Buyer Seller Dyad
  • Personal Selling
  • Theories of Selling
  • Selling Process
  • Prospecting, Objection Handling & Closing
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Market Potential
  • Economic Model Building
  • Functions of a Sales Person
  • Types of Sales Organisation Structure
  • Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Training Objective & Methods
  • Theories of Motivation
  • Devising Compensation
  • Standards of Performance Qualitative, Quantitative and more

How will I benefit from this course?

Sales is an essential skill in all career paths. This course will prepare you for the role of a Sales Manager. It will teach you everything about sales and will give all the practical tools to implement & get better results.

1. Objective and Scope of Personal Selling
2. Buyer Seller Dyad and Personal Selling Situations
3. Theories of Selling
4. Personal Selling Process
5. Prospecting, Objection Handling and Closing
6. Sales Forecasting-I
7. Sales Forecasting-II
8. Functions of Salesperson
9. Purpose of Sales Organization
10. Types of Sales Organization Structure
11. Recruitment Process
12. Selection Process
13. Training Objective Training Methods
14. Theories of Motivation
15. Devising Compensation
16. Types of Compensation Plans, Fringe Benefits
17. Standards of Performance Qualitative, Quantitative
18. Recording of Actual Performance
19. Evaluation and Control Through Action and Supervision
20. Purpose of Sales Budget
21. Objective in Using Quotas
22. Procedure of Setting Quota, Limitations of Quota System
23. Concept of Sales Territory
24. Need for Establishment and Revision of Sales Territory
25. Assignment of Sales Personnel to Territories
26. Importance of Customer Feedback by Sales Personnel
27. What is Marketing Channel?
28. Objective of Marketing Intermediaries
29. Function of Marketing Channel
30. Channel Design
31. Selection of Appropriate Channels
32. Channel Management
33. Channel Motivation
34. Physical Distribution Concepts and Objective
35. Components of Physical Distribution
36. Transportation
37. Warehousing
38. Impact of it on Physical Distribution
39. Implication of Supply Chain Management in Physical Distribution

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2 Hours

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